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What You Can Do Kinky in Public Sex

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Sex in public isn’t necessarily the best time to bring out your inner porn star, unless you have a bag full of wipes and pressed powder.

G point

If you are one of those who does not need much stimulation, or none, to reach orgasm then going straight and nonstop to penetration is the way to go. If you can come in seconds – which should be easy if you’re doing it with the right person – then a quick romp is perfect for you. The public flashing porn is a perfect choice there.

Run away from people

Avoid crowded places. It’s common sense. They can arrest you. Just look at what happened to a drunken young couple in Florida in 2012 who were handcuffed after having sex in front of about 50 people on a beach.


The rape charges of R. Kelly aside, there are two things that persist: the remix of “Ignition” is still, 12 years later, a catchy song, and the car is still the most private of all places. ” public “to do so. The more desolate the parking lot, the better. If the cops come up and dazzle you with a lantern, just take cover, smile shyly, and play dumb. We tell you from experience.

It can also be done in the back of the taxi. Disrespectful? Indeed: it is totally disrespectful to the driver, unless he or she is a peeping Tom, and in that case, they are doing you a favor. Only clean up any body fluids left on the seat. As for public transportation, don’t even think about it. It is better not to overthink things. Time is money, and you are acting on instinct.


Give your underwear a tug to the side to start the action. Or just give up underwear entirely. I like to wear pantyhose (almost as much as I like the word “pantyhose”), especially when they are the fancy and expensive ones. Many moms, including mine, have stressed the importance of wearing cute underwear in case you have a car accident and paramedics have to tear your clothes off. Few have emphasized the fact that it is far more important to wear premium underwear in case you have a surprise sexual encounter. A small plain or lace thong can easily be pulled to the side to give full access. You will likely still end up taking it off completely, but what if it ends up on a dirty bathroom floor?


There is nothing like harsh daylight to get caught blatantly. Forget the pleasure of the afternoon, you can do more things without getting caught when it’s dark. I’m probably saying too much, but I was once given oral sex in an alley behind a van in the dead of night.

Pleasure with the Best Anal Porn

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If the man who enters sees his pleasure increased by the narrowness of the anus, the woman often requires other stimulation to enjoy. Indeed, the anus and the rectum do not have the sensitive receptors of the glans of the clitoris, the primary erogenous zones (capable of causing pleasure). Therefore, the parallel caresses of the clitoris or the vagina offer the certainty of pleasure and you should not hesitate to caress yourself.


However, some women confide in being able to enjoy with anal penetration alone; they succeed in eroticizing the anus, the pleasure passing through the body but also through the head. Even without particular receptors, the anus and the rectum remain very innervated, therefore potentially rich in sensations: if they are invested in an erotic way, it heightens the pleasure. On a psychological level, submitting to the power of your partner is sometimes a powerful driver of sexual arousal and pleasure with the blonde BBC anal porn.

In addition, the contraction of the muscles of the perineum, the pleasure muscles, increases sensations: the levator ani muscle is part of it, it provides anal continence and it also encloses the lower third of the vagina. The vagina is located just in front of the anus and rectum, it can be indirectly and slightly stimulated by the comings and goings of the penis.

Listening to your body, surrendering to your sensations and your partner will allow you to let go completely. The goal is not to absolutely want an orgasm, which is the best way to keep it away, but just to take pleasure in the practice.

Practical advice for successful sodomy

However, certain precautions are necessary to guarantee pleasure, while keeping in mind that not all women like anal penetration to each his own tastes and preferences, which should be respected.

To be free to accept or not

The woman remains free to accept or not this particular penetration. In sexuality, there is no obligation and the worst reason to accept sodomy is undoubtedly to do it only to please your partner or under pressure!

Be very excited

Anal penetration requires having a voluptuous mind and a hot body. It should be postponed if the desire is not there or if the apprehension is too important. Mutual desire and trust are indeed essential for the smooth running of this intimate moment. The man can bring his partner to a maximum arousal by sensual foreplay, caresses or even offer him an orgasm to relax her as much as possible.