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Find Your Sharp Solutions with the best Escorts Now

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We are going to talk here about your first date with an escort, we assume that you have made your choice of escort girl among our announcements and that you have a meeting for example with an escort. The 28 year old young lady has planned an erotic massage followed by OWO, anal, and BDSM. You have made an appointment at the hotel.

Before meeting with the escort, take all your precautions

Before leaving home, take the bare minimum, do not take your entire wallet. Be satisfied with your telephone and the escort number, the address of the hotel and only the money needed for the service, if it is cash. On our site call girls are free. Take a little more in case of extra A like anal. For such fun you can find Sindhi Camp Escorts Charming Girls Available Here.

Dress properly and look classy is very important

Once in the parking lot, check around to see that there is nothing suspicious like an ambush. VIP escorts can have high net worth or high ranking people as clients, and this could be blackmail. Similarly, if someone is in the hotel room it is suspicious. When in doubt, flee.

If you took your wallet and your papers, leave everything in the car out of sight, the glove box will be fine. Let’s go to the meeting with the escort.

Your arrival in the escort’s room-show the money and verify your majority

You walk into the hotel room, show the money to the escort from the start. Don’t necessarily give it to her, just show her and you can put it on the bedside table or whatever, to show her that you have what she asks for. The relationship of trust will be able to be established.

If you have any doubts, ask the escort if she is of legal age, if she does not seem reliable to you, ask her for an official document. Be careful in the opposite case leave, you risk big if it is minor.


These checks done do not be cold and chat a little with the escort, exchange small talk, like what you do for a living, you can ask questions, but be correct and not too intrusive. Know that the escort is there to have a good time, so if you feel embarrassed, let her come, a good escort is also a good accompanist and a fine psychologist and will know how to put you at ease.